About Us

Who is Vape Shack Mackay?

Hi, I'm Amber, thanks for taking the time to check out my site.


I was introduced to vaping early 2015 by one of my sisters, she had successfully quit smoking, without any of the normal cravings and mood swings we all experience when trying to kick bad habits.

At that stage my habit had climbed to over 40 cigarettes a day, I'd been smoking for over 30yrs and had tried everything on the market to quit smoking, without success. I was on asthma preventatives, had wheezing in my chest and coughed all night long. I needed to get my health back on track for my family, having lost family members to cancer over the yrs, including lung cancer, the decision to give vaping a go was a no-brainer. 

I was obviously very skeptical at first, but figured what have I got to lose, the initial outlay was only the cost of a few pks of cigarettes. 

Guess what? Vaping worked!  Finally, something that didn't constantly make me feel like I was missing something, no cravings, no mood swings, no smelling like an ashtray, and I was saving so much money, I'd quit smoking! 

My personal experience - The improvements to my health were incredibly fast, the wheezing and coughing all night long stopped within mths, and I no longer use asthma preventatives.

In April 2017 I started a small Vape business in Mackay QLD, selling up to date products and the best Australian and Imported Juices in the world, all at affordable and competitive prices.

At Vape Shack Mackay, we are here to help support others who want to quit smoking for good, offering advice, encouragement and after sales service, while building trust, that so often has developed into friendships.


Nicotine - So we get a lot of people asking if we can provide nicotine, the simple answer is NO as nicotine is illegal to sell within Australia. 


Some vaping terms you should be familiar with-

READY TO VAPE (RTV) - means that the juice comes in a bottle totally full and usually mixed at 70%VG 30%PG, if you vape using nicotine you will need to add the correct amount to the bottle.

DOUBLER- means that the bottle will come half full and the base will be mixed at 50%VG 50%PG unless stated otherwise, the beauty of this is that you can add your own nicotine,VG and PG to the correct ratio that you like to vape at by filling the other half with your required base.

PG or PROPYLENE GLYCOLIs a base product used in ejuice and flavour concentrates, it is a very watery consistency and gives more throat hit. Most tanks and RDA's work best is the PG% is around 30% of your total ejuice mix.

VG or VEGETABLE GLYCERIN - Is the other part of your ejuice base, it is much thicker in consistency and makes your ejuice smoother and creates more cloud, most tanks and RDA's like the VG% to be around 70% of your total ejuice mix.


Mechanical Mods - So you will see mechanical mods on our site, these mods are by no means a beginners mod.... Why?? because if they're used in the wrong way they can be dangerous.... Minimum knowledge is at least know what ohms law is and battery safety.... we suggest looking up some safety information about using mechanical devices before you buy one as we will not be held liable if the device is used the wrong way.