Broadside Mods

The Brizo has an absolutely brand new firing mechanic, down the bottom of the mod on the side. Yet, it boasts absolutely no arcing, and there's no chance of a hot button with the delrin insert taking care of the heat! There's no magnets and no springs as it maintains constant contact over two points, similar to how a parallel or series box mod works.

The contacts are made of copper, and silver plated for a solid hard hit each time, and the internal positive pin is totally adjustable for either 20700s or 21700s (but you'd be mental to use 20s over 21s, just sayin'). Don't worry about the switch pocket firing either, as it's completely lockable.

You might not be able to hit the broadside of a barn, but you're definitely able to hit one of these up instead! Limited batch for first run, more if you lovely customers like them ;) Don't delay in the meantime!

This device has a hybrid 510 connection. Please do not use it if you have no understanding of Ohm's Law, a protruding positive pin from your atomiser and cleanly wrapped and appropriate batteries.


  • Diameter: 25mm (not including fire button)
  • Utilizes a single 21700 or 20700 battery
  • Hybrid connection
  • Silver plated Copper contacts
  • Adjustable positive pin for battery length
  • Revolutionary lockable, side firing button
  • No springs or magnets
  • Constant contact
  • Battery arc is nonexistent, Delrin insert for heat dissipation
  • Two contact points for increased conductivity

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Broadside Brizo Mod
  • Authenticity and Serial Number Card