• Deathwish Deathtrap II (2) RDA - 30mm

Deathwish Deathtrap II (2) RDA - 30mm

You know us here at VE, straight trappin' all day. This has topped us: the Deathwish Deathtrap II (2) RDA, and now it's in a CHUNKY 30mm size for all your mods or builds wanting a bit more junk in the trunk up top.

The Deathtrap V2 brings along some massive improvements and new features! This new design has brand new clamps snugged up to the outer sides of the deck, to make installations even more of a breeze. There's even some grooves on the side of the deck to help position the coil exactly where you want it. Simple positioning, simple trimming, simple securing.

Next up, the airflow has been completely reworked from a single slot and dot, to multiple dots making up the primary airflow and a couple of auxillary dots for a little bit extra if you'd like it, all of which can be blocked or opened as you see fit! Even the drip tip is a lovely frosted black now, ready to match with anything.

Of course, all of the Deathwish pizazz with their engravings on the base and side are still front and centre and looking the business. With a squonk pin inlcuded as standard, it's time to dust off your coil building stations and build a coil this excellent RDA deserves. Don't trap your inhibitions, buy one today!


  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Fully revised airflow
  • Easier clamping system with grooves for easy positioning
  • Detailed and clean engravings on the base and side
  • Matching finishes for your Deathwish mods

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Deathwish Deathtrap II RDA - 30mm
  • 1 x Squonk 510 Pin
  • Spares; screws, o-rings, replacement clamps

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