Add amount you can afford and that amount will be forwarded on to Legalise Vaping to help continue the fight!

This Government seems hell bent on making sure they continue to spread lies and falsehoods about vaping in the interests of protecting 'public health'.

Well enough is enough.  It is time to fight back.

With the pending nicotine ban on 1st July 2020 it is time that we vapers banded together to fight this Government once and for all to protect our right to a healthier alternative to smoking.

Here's what we need to do fam:

1. Sign this petition as a priority -

2. Donate to the vaper's fighting fund and a legal challenge that is being mounted by Legalise Vaping and ARVIA in Australia - - or add the product to your cart here & we will forward the funds on your behalf.

3. Contact your local MP's but more importantly contact Greg Hunt (the minister for Health) and let him know what you think about these changes 

(03) 5977 9082
(02) 6277 7220

4. Take a 2-3 minute video of yourself explaining your quit story with vaping and share via twitter at #vapingsavedme and tag @GregHuntMP and @ScottMorrisonMP 

Petition, donate, rattle some cages and twitter and social media.  These are our battlegrounds to save vaping in this country and we need each and everyone of you!

When your political party is owned by Big tobacco and Big pharma AND their profits are at threat with a life saving healthier alternative to vaping...what do you do? That's right you jump when you are told by your owners at the expense of public health and in the complete opposite direction than all other western democracies.

This has to stop and it stops with us the vapers!