• Mo's Vanilla Custard

Mo's Vanilla Custard


A true stalwart of VE, still delicious to the last drop to this day as a deliciously creamy vanilla custard, with smooth banana and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Rich custard

There's nothing quite like this custard out there, and if regular plain custard isn't doing the trick anymore, we urge you to give this ADV a go!This flavour does contain trace amounts of acetoin that MAY catalyse into very small amounts of diacetyl. We'd like to concur with you that diacetyl has been a hot button issue in vaping, however from our research we've seen no current legitimate research concluding with adverse effects from these additives and assure you we only use the highest grade of food flavourings in our production.

Whilst diacetyl has been linked to medical cases, the presence of the chemical in this liquid is many hundreds of multitudes lower than cigarettes, let alone popcorn factories where those medical issues occured, so be rest assured this liquid is just as safe as any other we sell.